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Benekiva is a cloud-native platform focused on modernizing critical functions for Life, Annuity and Health Insurance carriers. Benekiva’s mission is to deliver the best customer experience while bridging the gap between the policyholder, beneficiary, and insurance carrier. Benekiva does this through their solution delivering claims and servicing transformation and introducing an asset retention approach to keep beneficiaries as customers and policyholders. The driver for Benekiva is to understand the needs of the beneficiary and forging that relationship with the carrier for the current and future.

Benekiv’as fully hosted platform delivered via a SaaS model, is a rules and data-driven solution that allows insurance companies to offer a 100% digital claims process, provide an opportunity for the carrier agency or advisory force to retain the assets and serve the beneficiary. In addition, they enable proactive updates of the policyholder information, and better management of beneficiaryinformation.

Benekiva’s Next-Gen Claims module allows carriers to transform their claims process from intake to payout. The platform automates documentation, intake process, correspondence, workflows, rules, reporting, interest calculations, audit, and payment processing between beneficiaries and insurance companies.

Benekiva’s flexible architecture enables integration to deliver a singular access point connecting with multiple carrier systems across an organization to offer regardless of the product line, product riders/rules, or underlying company that the policy was written under. Access to Benekiva is enabled anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Benekiva is focused on delivering the most configurable Claims, Customer Servicing, and Self-Service platform for policyholders, agents, and beneficiaries.

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