Who benefits from LifetimeAGENT?


It simplifies and streamlines communication channels between insurers and agents.

Paired with CoreCONNECT, it translates historical policy information from different legacy systems into a single repository, providing critical snapshots of data and activity with easily comprehensible action items for the agent.

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It opens up communication lines between carriers and agents, and leads agents to where customers need service.

Access to information in real time helps agents service customer accounts and make contact with the carrier or customer when needed.

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It provides a customized level of agent interactions.

Customers can map their own experience, connecting with agents digitally or in person depending on their needs and preferred communication methods.

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A portal for both agent and carrier to track policyholder data from presale to offer to issuance to compensation, LifetimeAGENT can:

Enhance and simplify agent experience

Optimize agents' sales & service processes

Increase agent & policyholder retention

Increase sales

What’s included with LifetimeAGENT?

  • Dashboard highlighting business transactions
  • Easy to read commissions details
  • Banner notifications for urgent messages, rate changes and other important communications
  • One stop shop for quoting, eApps, forms and marketing materials
  • A secure location to receive and transmit completed forms with the carrier
  • Real time agent management of client servicing