Brian LaReau is the Vice President, Customer Delivery and Success at Sureify. Brian is responsible for three key functions – successfully delivering all customer implementation projects; ensuring success and driving adoption of Sureify products for customers; and supporting production customers by meeting or exceeding contracted service level agreements. As a veteran of two successful Silicon Valley startups, Vitria Technology (7 years) and Guidewire Software (almost 13 years), he was a key driver in significantly modernizing and improving profitability of the telecommunications, healthcare, and P&C insurance industries. At Vitria and Guidewire he played similar senior management roles in product development and professional services helping propel them from startup to multi-billion dollar publicly traded entities.

Brian is a 5-year veteran of the US Naval Nuclear Program serving at US Navy and Department of Energy Headquarters. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University and a Masters-equivalent in Nuclear Engineering from Bettis Reactor Engineering School (US Navy/DOE). He currently lives with his wife Amy along with two dogs and two cats in Moorpark, CA.