Luis Diaz, Vice President of Product, is a 20-year veteran in fintech enterprise software and product management. As a former principal product manager at Guidewire, Luis played a pivotal role in Guidewire’s success growing to hundreds of P&C clients worldwide. His success at Guidewire, coupled with his experience as CEO of the consultancy firm BeyondRoadmap, has shaped his expertise in developing and scaling exceptional software products. He’s worked on platforms that manage sales, file claims, and handle billing from initial vision to delivery. Luis’s primary focus is the Life Insurance Industry and B2B Enterprise Software. He specializes in software product management and software development, and prior to being a product manager, worked in Professional Services for 15 years. He likes to take on complex problems, simplify, build products, then bring them to market and wants to apply the lessons learned in property and casualty to next-generation systems for life insurance engagement apps.