LifetimeAcquire surpasses its competitors in three main ways. First, its configurable questionnaire capability provides the flexibility you need in the complex, heavily regulated insurance environment. Whereas our competitors’ eApp implementations tend to drag on and bloat with expensive change requests and professional services teams, Sureify avoids these pitfalls with a configurable questionnaire that can be quickly updated to support compliant eApp forms that meet the intricate needs of our clients.

Second, and similar to the configurable questionnaire capability, LifetimeAcquire features configurable forms generation for sequencing and attaching forms based on variables such as state, direct-to-consumer vs. agent, supplementary forms, etc. This saves time and cost during project launch, but also makes for a more viable long-term eApp solution as new products are added and requirements and compliance needs change.

Lastly, LifetimeAcquire beats competing products in terms of user experience. All Lifetime products have policyholder-facing interfaces, therefore excellent user experience is imperative to our success. LifetimeAcquire is optimized to provide a simple, intuitive experience for agent and applicant users alike. From workflow down to the detailed mechanics of adding a beneficiary,everything has been carefully thought out, tested, and designed.