Sureify Adds Consulting Expertise of Former Life Insurance Executive

Craig Simms led the launch of first U.S. multi product direct-to-consumer and agent-facing online quote and apply experience

By Lori Zinaich | April 2, 2020

Life insurers now have a faster, more cost-effective way to digitize distribution: with the right technology and strategic guidance from a resource that has successfully launched a D2C experience in-market.

Sureify, the leading digital platform for life and annuity insurance companies, has partnered with Craig Simms, former CMO of a niche life insurance company and now Principal of Forest Lake Consulting. Simms led his company from agent-only distribution to a modern multi-distribution platform. Using the Sureify Lifetime platform, Simms played a critical role in building, testing, and launching the first multi-product direct to consumer (D2C) online quote and apply experience in the U.S. 

“Most insurers know that they need to modernize and integrate distribution, but they really don’t have a direction,” Simms said. “I’m happy to work with Sureify clients to accelerate their digital D2C/agent-facing strategy using Sureify’s best-in-class platform.”

The Sureify Lifetime platform is built for life and annuity insurers to acquire, service, and engage customers. Now Sureify customers can tap into Simms’s digital insurance expertise in these areas:

  • Life insurance distribution strategic planning 
    • transforming customer engagement for digital age consumers
    • creating a D2C plan that can also support existing agent distribution
    • understanding and leveraging Sureify’s tools to satisfy  A.M. Best’s new carrier innovation expectation 
  • Implementation guidance for life and annuity companies that have engaged Sureify to bring products to market digitally
    • reducing time to market and costs
    • creating an initial D2C plan (targets, integration with current distribution, digital marketing strategy, branding, etc.)
    • assembling internal and external resources to build out the plan

“My team and I were in the trenches with Sureify,” Simms said. “I can help companies shorten the timeframe and the cost of deploying a direct-to-consumer or digital agent experience because I’ve been there. With Sureify’s Lifetime platform, I can help steer them away from the challenges they might face in building out the process.”

The typical Sureify Lifetime platform implementation takes three to six months. 

“Time is money, and we’re glad that our customers can rely on Forest Lake Consulting to guide them through their transformation,” Sureify Senior Vice President Bryan Padgette said. “Skip the tedious RFP process and get a clear roadmap from an expert who’s done it before.”

About Sureify

Sureify’s mission is to modernize the life insurance and annuity industry by helping carriers acquire, service, and engage their customers with one enterprise platform: Lifetime. We enable omnichannel sales with LifetimeAcquire, a product that drives placement rates via quoting, e-application, automated underwriting, and new business transmission. With LifetimeService, insurers are offering their in-force customers comprehensive self-service portals and native applications. Lastly, the product that started it all, LifetimeEngage, fosters a lifelong relationship between carriers and their policyholders with multifaceted engagement programs and analytics, leading to greater lifetime value of each policyholder.  Learn more about 

About Forest Lake Consulting

Forest Lake Consulting helps life insurance companies create direct-to-consumer and agent distribution in a contemporary, digital ecosystem. This ecosystem drives organizations forward and attracts new, younger customers while respecting the role of traditional distribution. With 30 years of life insurance distribution experience, Principal Craig Simms is known for his expertise in building the first multiproduct direct-to-consumer (D2C) online quote and apply in the U.S. 

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