Sureify’s LifetimeACQUIRE Video Overview

About LifetimeACQUIRE

Sureify’s LifetimeACQUIRE is a configurable eApp and application processing tool that allows potential policyholders to research, quote, apply and buy your products via any distribution channel at any time. LifetimeACQUIRE’s low code functionality and easy-to-use UI, as well as features like data pre-fills, chat/co-browsing, reflexive questioning and accelerated underwriting decisioning, smoothly takes direct-to-consumer applicants, call center or advisor sales agents from questionnaire to contract. LifetimeACQUIRE makes the entire application and buying process for life insurance and annuities intuitive and non-technical so that any carrier can continually make updates to meet changing agent and customer needs.

In addition, LifetimeACQUIRE takes application processes and follow-through directly to your customers with our OnTrack feature. With web and mobile status tracking, applicants can follow along and follow up where they need to; getting missing signatures, scheduling medical exams, if needed, and smoothing out the entire underwriting process, accelerated or otherwise. This can net you higher placement rates, better customer experiences, and guaranteed in good order applications. Build a digital relationship upfront with Sureify’s LifetimeACQUIRE.

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