Sureify’s LifetimeSERVICE Overview

About LifetimeSERVICE

LifetimeSERVICE is a self-service platform that puts your policyholders in charge of their life insurance, easily and intuitively, allowing you to configure the experience you want your policyholder to have, including branding, layouts, workflows, and policy data. It’s a complete self-service suite, available on web browsers and native mobile apps, that puts all your policyholders information at their fingertips. LifetimeSERVICE is your policyholders’ one-stop digital service shop for paying premiums, keeping contact information up to date, managing beneficiaries, checking cash-value policy performance, retrieving documents, making withdrawals, and more.

LifetimeSERVICE can be implemented in as little as 6 months and can be integrate directly with policy administration systems for a comprehensive digital transformation. The leap from the world of forms and faxes will dramatically increase policyholder satisfaction, improve your servicing department’s efficiency, and reduce costs across the board in a secure environment. LifetimeSERVICE allows your policyholders to manage policies at their convenience delivering the modern technology experience that is expected today.

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