Reinsurance Strategy and R&D Leadership – Ammon has spent most of the past seven years working with two major, global reinsurers on approaches to utilizing new data and technologies to anticipate impacts to underwriting workflows and actuarial pricing assumptions. These efforts cover the entire life cycle of the process from early product concept and design, underwriting, policy issuance and admin and claims administration for various Life and Health lines. The focus is on building visibility into the data, predictability into the outcomes, production monitoring for early detection, and optimizing the time, resources and costs.
Analytics and Modelling – Over the past 10 years Ammon has led and worked with data and analytics to bring models to the life and health, and adjacent markets. Teams have developed models to deliver key insights to optimize workflows, transform underwriting, drive producer and operational quality, and create visibility into every step of the life cycle. The key to success is understanding the business challenges and being able to translate the insights into workable solutions that deliver real impact in realistic time frames.
Product Management and Innovation – A key passion and focus for Ammon has been anticipating and planning for future market needs in coordination with business and technical leaders over the past 25 years and matching business needs with the right solutions with high rates of success.